The 20/30/50 budgeting rule

You’re the boss of your money, and the 20/30/50 rule puts your delegation skills to work. The overarching concept of the rule is to divide and conquer and allocate a specific percentage of your income to a particular area in your financial life. In this rule, 50% of your payment goes to necessities, 30% goes to lifestyle and 20% is set aside for long-term savings.

South Africa’s first purpose-driven bank

Welcome to your Money HQ. Spot is your free account for everyday needs. A fast-growing fintech start-up, Spot, allows customers to save, spend, and maximise their money. Spot accounts are secured at Bidvest Bank under their banking license, and debit cards are issued by Mastercard, ensuring the highest security standards.

Black Friday Deals

With a few weeks to go before Black Friday 2022, retailers in South Africa are gearing up for a big weekend, kicking off the annual festive shopping season. Black Friday traditionally runs from 25 November, but major retailers like Game, Shoprite and Woolworths are already letting slip what shoppers can expect on the day.

Ditch the Debt: Dave Ramsey’s Snowball MethodFeatured

Real talk: There’s no quick fix for getting out of debt. For most consumers, it’s an ever-present expense that they factor into every financial decision. In 2022, average consumers in South Africa need to spend around 63% of their take-home pay to service their debt. Here’s everything you need to know about Dave Ramsey’s Snowball method and how it can help you pay off your debt more efficiently.