It Shouldn’t Cost You to Have a Bank Account

With us, it’s free. That’s one of the things we’re able to offer you because we’re 100% digital.

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Send & Receive Money

Send, spend, get paid and get rewarded all in one place for free with Spot Money.

Share your account details to get paid & make payments anyway you like. EFT, Scan-to-pay, Tap-to-pay & instant payments between Spot users.

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Zero Transaction Fees

We don't believe in fees that seem to come out of nowhere.

Don’t pay any transaction fees when you spend using the Spot app or your debit card.

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Free Virtual Card

All of your accounts come with a free virtual debit card thats accepted worldwide so you can spend with your smartphone right away.

Prefer a card in your pocket? Simply order a physical card.



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Real Estate

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Your Free Account Perks

Instant Payments

Forget tricky bank details. You get free instant money transfers between Spot users.

Zero-to-Low Fees

We don't believe in hidden fees. Don’t pay any transaction fees when you spend on app.

Instant Notifications

Get free instant updates on payments made to and from your account.

Scan Them All

Scan any QR code to pay. No need for multiple apps, do it all from your Spot app!

Mastercard Debit Cards

Spot debit cards are secured through Mastercard.

Group Accounts

Share accounts with up to 10 people to maximise money together.

Support When You Need It

We’re here for you. Get in touch via live chat, email or calls.

Safe & Secure

Spot Money accounts are secured at Bidvest Bank under their banking license.

8 Free Accounts

With Spot Money, you get up to 8 free accounts. Each comes with it’s own free virtual debit card so you can spend directly from that account immediately.

Prefer a physical card? Simply order a card directly in the app for each account.

Mastercard, Accepted Worldwide

Spot cards are accepted worldwide and there are ZERO transaction fees when you tap or swipe.

The perfect travel companion!

All Your Questions - Answered.

Not the answers you're looking for?

If you’re 16 years or older and are in possession of valid ID documents (SA ID, driver’s license or SA passport) you’ll be able to sign up to Spot create a fully active account.  

Short Answer – Yes! If you’re not from South Africa and you want to open a free Spot Money transactional account, simply download Spot from your app store and go through our simple ID verification process.

Once this is done, we’ll need to verify these documents:

  • Proof of address (Utility bill, rental agreement or even a police affidavit). No older than 3 months.
  • Work Visa / Study Visa
  • Permanent Residency Permit

To complete your verification, please send us copies for your documents at help@spotmoney or initiate chat by tapping “Get Help” in the app.

All you need if you’re a South African Resident is a valid SA ID, driver’s license or Passport you’ll be able to sign up with Spot. 

Click this link while you’re on your mobile phone to download the Spot app from your phone’s App Store. You can also search for Spot Money on your App Store and download it from there.

Once your app is successfully downloaded, select “Sign Up” to complete our quick registration and verification process process. 

Download Spot & Maximise Your Money

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Spot app is an offering by Spot Money SA (Pty) Ltd (2005/016196/07) in association with Bidvest Bank Ltd (2000/006478/06), an authorised FSP and credit provider.

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