The Secret to A Hassle-Free Group Getaway

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Planning a group holiday is almost impossible. Luckily,  we’ve got three drama proof ways to make it a stress-free getaway, with a little help from Group Accounts.

1.     Spot-on Planning

Start your group holiday by planning early and opening a Group Account. Share your goals, individual budgets, any wild ideas; and use your Group Account to consolidate all of these into a budget. It’s like a planning party where everyone’s voice is heard, ensuring a smooth decision-making process while reducing the chance of money-related drama.

2.     Delegate & Track Expenses  

Don’t play the lone wolf. Delegate tasks and use the Group Account to let everyone manage their spending. It’s like having a financial watchdog, but much more fun. Regular check-ins on Spot ensure everyone stays within the budget!

3.     Prepare For Anything

Plan your adventure, but leave room for spontaneity! With Spot’s first-class payment options, there’s no need to carry wads of cash. Should your budget fall short; you can always deposit more money straight to your Group Account from one of your other wallets. It’s like having a magical money unicorn that lets you move money; share expenses; and track everyone’s spending without the drama. Say goodbye to awkward cash conversations and hello to more time to make memories.

Pro tip: 

Open a Group Account with up to 10 people and you can save for a holiday together; share expenses & track spending.

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