Trending Side-Hustles That *Actually* Make Money

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Dive into Trending Side-Hustles with Us! Need that extra cash for your dream vacation? 🛩 Or perhaps a brand new Springboks Jersey? 🇿🇦 Your side-hustle dreams are just a post away 👉 

1.     Content Creator  

Got a passion for making videos or writing blogs? Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Medium can turn your creative outlet into a cash flow. There are relatively low barriers to entry and the return on investment is directly linked to your ability to build a community around your own content or the quality of content you create for clients.

2.     Airbnb Hosting  

Got extra space? Rent it out on Airbnb! Turn that spare room into a moneymaker and meet new people from all over the world in the process. This is a great way to generate income with little-to-zero additional investment. 

3.     Food Delivery or Ride-share  

If you’ve got a car and some spare time, you can make decent money with food delivery or ridesharing services like Uber and Bolt. This job is ideal for those who are still studying or work freelance and can be flexible with their hours.


4.     Freelancer 

The gig economy is booming, and platforms like Fiverr are buzzing with opportunities. Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, or photographer, you can turn your skills into cash. If you’re unsure of yourself, you can always start with your close friends and family.

5.     Paid Reviews

Imagine being paid for your opinions?! Visit sites like Swagbucks & Junkie, and participate in surveys and earn on your own time.

Pro tip: 

Personalise your $moneytag to match your side-hustle name or something that is more ‘you’. 

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