Hacks For How to Save Money on Your Monthly Utility Bills

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We’ve all felt that bittersweet feeling when the bank notifies us that money’s been deposited into our account. The month has been longer than the money and now, finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But as you do, you hear the distant ping of deductions going off of bills that need to be paid. The rent, clothing accounts, the student loan that’s still outstanding, and the utilities that keep the electricity on and water running.

And so starts another long month. 

But it doesn’t have to be a vicious cycle of bills you have no control over. With the right tools at your disposal, you can reduce how much you pay overall – starting with your utility bill. 

So here are 5 hacks to help you save.

Hack 1 – Install a prepaid electricity metre

So here’s the problem. You know you used the heater sparingly. The pool has been left at whichever temperature the weather is outside and you even gave the dishwasher a break for the month. After all of this, you still get an electricity bill that leaves you feeling like someone at the municipality has it in for you. 

Using prepaid electricity puts you in the driver’s seat of your electrical usage. You can see how much you use every month and top up if need be. You can even identify which appliances are the culprits consuming the most power.

Hack 2 – Keep an eye on water usage

Your water bill may not be your biggest concern. But, keeping your tap running while brushing your teeth and having leaky taps all increase your water bill. Those are easy fixes. What’s trickier is keeping the hot water that has the potential to become a huge electricity expense in check.  

To do this, consider taking shorter showers. Not only will this save on the overall water bill, but it will also save on the hot water usage. Another consideration is switching your showerhead with one that has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. They restrict the flow of water making them more energy efficient.  

Finally, reduce your water heater temperature. Reducing the energy output to about 50°C will lower how much you pay for a geyser that stays hot while on standby.

Hack 3 – Change how you do laundry

Could your washing machine be the reason why your electricity bill is high? It sure can! Here are a few things you can do to minimise electricity usage while doing laundry:

1. Make sure that before you push “start” the washing machine is full. Loading it with the apron you used last night, 2 pairs of socks and a t-shirt won’t work well if you’re aiming to save.

2. Opt for cooler washes by adjusting the temperature on your washing machine.

3. Chill with the tumble dryer and hang your clothes on a washing line to dry.

Hack 4 – Switch up your energy sources

The electricity bill does tend to run away, doesn’t it? Especially when all you remember doing is switching on the kettle three times the month before and baking 1 batch of cupcakes when your niece came to visit.  

Thank goodness for alternatives. Like gas. It’s cheap, reliable and measurable. Or what about solar? It may be expensive to install, but as long as you have sunlight, you have power. 

Hack 5 – Find organic ways to keep warm in winter

Winter is synonymous with higher electrical usage. That’s mostly because using more energy keeps us warm…in a sense. It means more cups of coffee, long hot showers and maybe bringing out the heater.  

But what if there was a better way?

Organic ways to keep warm entail buying warmer clothes. As obvious as it sounds, if your wardrobe consists of summer socks, sandals and shorts, you’re in for a pretty bleak winter. Especially without a heater. 

Stock up on thick, warm jackets lined with fleece or filled with duck feathers. Look for the cute animal bed-slippers that warm your soul and your feet. And if layering isn’t your thing, keep your space warm. Invest in rugs for tiled floors, and an insulating blanket to sleep under.


With a little diligence and planning, you can recover a lot in reduced utility bill costs, all of which can go to cover other expenses more easily, or to treat yourself – you choose! Until you Spot our next blog post, try out these hacks and let us know what’s worked for you. Happy hacking!


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