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Virgin Money Spot Wallet Migration Terms & Conditions

These legal terms are between You and Spot Money SA (Us or We) and You agree to them by registering and using the new Spot App.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions do not proceed with the new Spot App wallet migration.

We reserve the right to close, suspend or limit access to the Spot App in the event that We are unable to verify Your identity, or are unable to comply with anti-money laundering or fail to receive the information requested.

  1. Migration from the Virgin Money Spot App to the New Spot App
    1. Qualification criteria
      1. You need to be an active user on the Virgin Money Spot app with a wallet balance greater than R0 to allow us to do a migration of funds from the Virgin Money Spot app to the new Spot App.
      2. Your Virgin Money Spot account must be in an Active state.
      3. You must have your SA ID number registered in the Virgin Money Spot App.
      4. You must be a fully FICA verified customer on the new Spot App.
    2. Steps of migration
      1. You must have completed registration and be fully FICA verified in the new Spot App to start the migration process.
      2. We will then check that Your personal information between matches between the Virgin Money Spot App and new Spot App based on your SA ID number and other information that You provided during the new Spot App registration process.
      3. If You meet the qualifying criteria and Your personal information matches between the Virgin Money Spot App and the new Spot App, You will have the option to migrate the funds in your Virgin Money Spot app into the new Spot App via the new Spot App.
      4. You will need to select the “Migrate my Spot Wallet” button and follow the steps and instructions presented to You within the new Spot App.
      5. Once You have completed the steps, your Virgin Money Spot account will be deactivated.
    3. Disputes and questions
      1. All migrations queries and disputes can be sent to Us via email to this address:

Spot Money SA (Pty) Ltd reserves all rights as stipulated in the Spot Money SA Terms & Conditions.

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