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Stay safe. Don’t be a Karen.

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Only a Karen would believe that a Nigerian prince wants to send her millions of dollars. (Er … you do know that scam? Right?)  

Here’s the thing. If something sounds too good to be true, it is. Trust me. Do NOT click on the prince’s link. Same with the minister asking for money to feed orphans, the mail from your ‘buddy’ asking to borrow a few bucks, and the SMS from your ‘bank’ wanting to confirm your PIN number.  

Do. Not. Click. On. The. Link.  


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Fact is, no bank – or any other legit business, for that matter – will ever call, email, WhatsApp or SMS to ask for your personal information.  

If the message seems more personal, check it. Call your minister or your buddy. But use the number you have saved in your contacts list. Not the one in the suspicious message. Ask them if they really need money.  

If they do, then it’s safe to Spot them. Why? Because all Spot users have been FICA-verified and biometrically identified. Basically, you know exactly who you’re sending money to when you transfer funds to a Spot account. Spot transactions are 100% legit. 

These days, staying safe means more than just wearing your mask when you leave the house. Some of the biggest dangers lurk in your house. In your phone, to be precise. When shopping or banking online, always make sure that the site’s address starts with ‘https’ and has a padlock icon in the URL field. Better yet, download the retailer’s official app from your app store.  

And keep all your software updated so that you have the latest security patches. Turn on automatic updates so you don’t have to think about it. Make sure that your security software is set to run regular scans. Make sure you’re using wifi when you do this. Nobody likes losing their data bundle to an update. 

Is your phone smarter than you? Sadly, if you respond to messages from strangers, click on links or download apps from random messages, or give out your personal info or send money, then it probably is. Sorry, Karen. 

Don’t believe us? Check out these videos on phishingvishing and smishing. (These links are legit, promise.) 

 See how Spot protects you here. 

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