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Contactless payments? Tap that.

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Last month, we unleashed a wave of awesomeness on you. Payments. Digital banking. A marketplace for your financial services. All wrapped up in one ‘super-app’.


Welcome to Spot Money

Now we’re taking our relationship to the next level. Yup, we’re ready to tap that.

We’ve just launched our ‘tap to pay’ functionality. As the name suggests, you can now use your Android NFC-enabled mobile device to make secure, contactless payments using the Spot app.

How it works: Activate tap to pay in your Spot app and when you’re ready to pay, hit Tap to pay and give the POS machine a high five with your mobile – just like you’d tap it with your physical card. It’s that simple.

Think of your Spot app as an alternative wallet. Forget your wallet or purse at home? Just use your phone. It’s not only easier. It’s safer and more secure, too. During a transaction, your device never leaves your hand. And the nature of the encryption means every purchase has a unique set of data, which is protected at all times.

Let’s face it, contactless payments are nothing new. They were the future of payments even before Covid-19 struck. The pandemic has simply ‘turbo-charged’ the trend, as we go digital and cashless practically overnight.

Oooh, interesting. A Mastercard study during lockdown found that 3 out of every 4 people were using contactless payments for safety and hygiene reasons. Two-thirds said they needed to reduce or stop using cash altogether.

8 out of 10 consumers said they would continue using contactless once the pandemic is over.

We’d 10/10 recommend you join them. That phone’s not going to tap itself.

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