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Phishing? Not today, fraudsters.

If you’ve never heard of phishing, you’re about to have your mind blown. Sort of. Phishing scams basically trick you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment to get you to provide your sensitive personal data. Scammers use your info for fraudulent or other criminal purposes. Yikes.

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    Spot Money How to avoid fraud

    Phishing works in pretty straightforward, but ridiculously complex, ways:

    You’ll receive a legit-looking link that takes you to a fake but believable website where you’ll be asked to enter in certain things.

    You get an email with an attachment that may have malicious software embedded in it, called malware, that steals your personal info and passwords.

    It’s easy to stay phishing scam‑free.

    It’s easy to stay phishing scam-free.

    Never share your personal or financially-sensitive info online. If you get a phishing mail with a link that takes you to a webpage that asks for your secret info – that’s a no-go.

    Ah, but what when these sneaky scammers take you to a webpage that looks real, only it’s fake. Check the website’s URL, if it’s anything other than – RUN.

    We’ll never ask you to provide your banking or credit card details or ask you to EFT us cash. Ever.

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      Secret PIN for the win.

      Secret PIN for the win.

      Hackers have some pretty smart software tools that help them decode your precious PIN. Don’t use numbers relating to anything that has any meaning. This is a biggie.

      Also, don’t share your PIN, write it down or let someone sneak a peek while you enter it. And don’t use the same PIN across multiple websites/apps.

      If you think your PIN has been compromised, change it. And if you think your Spot account has been hacked, get in touch ASAP.

      Just like we don’t ask for your banking details or to send us cash, we’ll never ask for your PIN!

      Spend more time living and less time banking.

      Spot is so much more than an app with a free mobile transaction account. It opens the door to an open banking marketplace where you’ll get served up hyper-personalised offers for loans, insurance, credit cards, and lifestyle products.

      Spend more time living and less time banking.

      With Spot, you can scan any QR code to pay, instantly share accounts with friends and family, safely shop online with virtual cards, and shop personalised loans, insurance, and reward offers. All in your app. In seconds. Yeehaw.

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