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Start talking about open banking and fintechs, and people immediately start throwing the D word around. Disruption. If you believe everything you read, fintechs are going to disrupt everything from the way people bank to the global economy.  

Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. But that’s not really why we’re here. What we’re doing is creating an open banking marketplace that gives South Africans more choice, and the ability to get all their financial services products conveniently, in one spot. From shopping for personalised loans and insurance offers to managing their everyday spend, we’re here to help people make their money move.  

And like most fintechs, we’re all about being open. Open banking makes money social. It puts people first. It’s good for humanity. Great for business. Being open is beautiful.  

We’ve got the vision. We’ve created the marketplace. We’ve put up the ‘open for business’ sign. Now we’re calling on our fellow fintechs to join our platform. Loan partners. Insurance partners. Any financial services player that’s interested in breaking down the old barriers that make connecting with customers harder than it needs to be. 

Additionally, if you have a digital service that you believe will add value to our customers lives, we’d love to chat.     

Because a marketplace isnt a one-sided thing. It has supply and demand. When you join our world, we get another partner that can add real value to the lives of our customers. You get another distribution channel. And so, the open banking movement builds. One partnership, one collaboration, one customer at a time.   

Suddenly, we’re able to address people’s pain points directly. Give them access to competitive offers. Products that are tailored to their needs. Enhanced services that meet them where they are and on their terms.   

If we disrupt banking along the way, so be it. But at our core, we’re far more into the C wordCollaboration. Let’s work together. Team up as part of an open banking marketplace to grow our companies. That’s where the magic of open banking happens. Join us.  

Get in touch with us. Let’s build something beautiful together.


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