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Welcome to Spot.

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Or, for many of you, welcome back.

You may know us as the app that made sending and receiving money as easy as sending a text. We still do that. But we’re growing. We’re not just a payments app anymore. We’re a proudly South African open banking platform that’s here to make your money move.

We know that when it comes to our money, we want to feel more in control of it. We want more, and better, choices. How we earn it. How we spend it. How we save it. How we can make it go that little bit further to make life a whole lot better. So, we created an app that does just that. Introducing Spot, the only money app you’ll ever need.

Why are we doing this? Because change is inevitable. We want to be part of a new way of living that makes life better. Like you, we’re human too. We have kids, families, bills. And to be frank, we’re tired of the old way of managing your money: get an account and a card (or two). Get random calls from businesses trying to sell you product after product. Get Truecaller. Get robocalls. Get RoboKiller.

Enough already.

Back to what we’re about.

When I say ‘open banking’, you say ‘huh?’

So, what’s open banking? Think of it as a no-strings-attached way of managing your money. Simply put, it’s a banking platform that’s not aligned to any specific bank. Being bank-neutral means we can partner with a range of financial service providers. We don’t lock you into only seeing products from your existing bank. We keep our relationships open, to keep your choices open.

Welcome to Spot Money

Okay. So how’s Spot different?

At Spot, we give you a free transactional account. Yep. No monthly fees. And then the magic starts:

  • Instantly create additional accounts and virtual cards.
  • Get loans and insurance products based on your credit score in our open banking marketplace.
  • Scan any QR code to pay at participating stores – Masterpass, Snapscan, wiCode and Zapper.
  • Tap to pay everywhere with your physical Spot card (order it in your app).
  • Send friends cash or cash requests, in an instant and for free.
  • Set payment reminders that you can accept or decline.
  • Earn cash when you shop at our cashback partners.
  • Pay bills and buy prepaid electricity, airtime and data.

With Spot, you can tick all your banking boxes and our low-to-no fees help keep your hard-earned money where you need it. In your account, not someone else’s. Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your couch.

So, what’s it to be? More banking or more living? Awww, yeah.

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