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Nobody puts GenZ in the corner.

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What’s with this idea that millennials and GenZs don’t care about money? Of course we care about money. It’s what drives our lives. Fuels our lifestyles. It’s what helps us take care of our tribes. Build our futures. Achieve our goals. It’s why we’re constantly hustling, accomplishing, inventing, being. 

We just happen to want a whole lot more choice and control over our money. We’re tired of being told what to do with it. Totally over being made to pay for using it, and being treated like the banks are doing us a favour when they give us a half-decent customer experience.

We want our banks to make an effort to understand us. Who we are. What we care about. We like to make our money work as hard as possible. We’re not simply sitting back just waiting for stuff to happen. We’re optimistic. Entrepreneurial. Future-focused. Energetic. But just because we have an overwhelmingly positive attitude to life, doesn’t mean we’re walkovers. 

At Spot, we get this. Oh man, do we get this. So, we’ve created our own banking platform that gives us what we want. Less fees. More choice. An experience that makes us feel valued. Bye-bye red tape and bureaucracy. Not today, ‘personalised’ interest rates that are anything but personal.

We want it quick. So, we built the ability to create and FICA your account in seconds thanks to our fully digital verification process.

We want it easy. So, we built features that let you manage your money. With your Spot app, you can pay bills, send cash, and make every kind of contactless payment under the sun.

We want it all. So, we built the only money app you’ll ever need.

Because we’re done with being put in the corner. And we think you are too.

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