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Meet the team. Chapter 1.

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Whoa. FinTech. Imposing. Are there even faces behind the technology? You’d better believe it. In fact at Spot, we’re all about our people. So, over the coming months, we’ll be introducing you to the team.

Sinoxolo Msomi – Data analyst

Welcome to Spot Money

Sinoxolo’s generally to be found reading African literature (awesome) and books on economics (what?). But most evenings, you’ll find her cuddling with my cat while watching The Walking Dead. Her biggest money worry is balancing helping her family back home, while also trying to build a life for herself. Top money tip: be proactive about managing your money. Use your Spot accounts for purchases and payments, while staying open to new investment opportunities.

Alain Walker – Head of marketplace growth

Welcome to Spot Money

You’ll find Alain on a bicycle 80% of the time. The other 20% he divides between falling off his bicycle, sport, the great outdoors and walking his 2 dogs. His biggest money worry is whether he’s spending too much money on his bicycle. Top money tip: Always shop around and be patient when looking for the best deal.

Josephine Mbire – Head of customer support

Welcome to Spot Money

Super-chilled Josephine can generally be found reading, gardening and hiking. She loves braaiing and traditional African meals, and occasionally binge-watches Netflix (don’t we all?). Her biggest money worry is how to make more of it, you know, creating multiple sources of income. Top money tip: Pay yourself first. Put away 10% of your salary the minute it hits your account and live on the remaining 90%.

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