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Biggest Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday is back with a bang, baby, and there are bargains for you, Spot shoppers. Unlike the rather subdued effort of last, Black Friday 2021 seems set to revive its reputation as the year’s biggest shopping bonanza.  

Black Friday is no longer a single day as before, it now extends for days, Cyber Monday anyone? It has also become more hybrid, with online shopping being offered as a valid alternative. Grab your Spot virtual cards for safe and secure online payments dolls. It’s time to shop. 

The competition between retailers is fierce, which is great news for those of us just looking for a good deal. For many of us, this is an opportunity to get those high-ticket appliances like an air fryer or a fancy new fridge and look for sexy electronics like TVs or that new smartphone. Fashion is also big on Black Friday as well, with big brand sneakers and clothing at small brand prices proving irresistible. For homemakers, this is an opportunity to stock up on essentials – food and groceries, nappies and more. 

To make it easier for you, we have divided this guide into handy categories.  

Retail and wholesale

Health & Beauty

Online retailers


Tech & Cellular 

House & Home

Travel & Lifestyle

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